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The Buckhorn

5 Tips FORE Improving Your Golf Game During Winter

 It's the winter season and everyone is looking for ways to keep themselves entertained. One of the most popular activities that people miss this time of year is golfing. But, during cold months it can be difficult to get out there and enjoy a round on the course. This blog post will provide you with some tips on how to improve your game even ...
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The Buckhorn

You Don’t Have to be a Tour Pro to Reap the Benefits of Custom Clubs

custom golf club fitting in comfort tx
Want to lower your score and have more fun playing the game? The Buckhorn Golf Course has your solution with our certified Callaway custom club fitting program. Customized Experience Have you ever wondered why you play the clubs you do? Do you know if your equipment matches your swing? You don't have to be a tour pro to get tour pro-level service, ...
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The Buckhorn

How the Right Golf Ball Helped Me Lower My Score

golf balls at golf course in comfort tx
Are you using the right ball?  Looking for an easy way to lower your score? Start by looking at the type of golf ball you're playing. Did you know up to 70% of golfers use the wrong type of golf ball for their style of play? Here are a few ways of finding the right ball for you. There are a variety of different golf balls, each intended to imp...
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