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Do you want to play better golf, the Foresight Way?

It's a proven fact that how well we play significantly affects how much fun we have. Foresight Golf wants our customers to have the most fun possible and has made the commitment to helping our customers improve their enjoyment of the game. We have come to realize that the only way to improve is to have the right balance of quality instruction and productive practice. Being able to enjoy affordable instruction from qualified teachers is a huge part of the improvement process. We have developed a revolutionary Golf Instruction & Lessons Program, Play Better Golf - The Foresight Golf Way, that will enable you to begin, learn and grow in the game and still afford to play golf, too! Our commitment to the sport isn't just about our courses, it's about helping you have the most fun and the best golf experience possible. We believe that this will ultimately be good for you, good for us and good for the game of golf!

John Westly – Head Golf Professional

John originally joined the Foresight Golf Team in March of 2014 and has since worked at The Republic Golf Club as the Assistant Manager and Golf Professional.

John is a native of Asheville, North Carolina and is a graduate of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Prior to his time at the Republic Golf Club, John worked as an Assistant Golf Professional at Newport Dunes, now known as Palmilla Beach Golf Club in Port Aransas, Texas.

John’s background includes years of tournament golf experience, golf instruction, and fitness coaching. After a competitive junior golfing career, he attended the David Leadbetter Golf Academy for two years. During this time, John learned about golf swing analysis, fitness training, and sport psychology. To further his education of the physical aspect of the game, he trained in the Titleist Performance Institute system of golf-specific flexibility and strength training and received a level 1 certification.

This experience laid the foundation for training with Elite Golf Performance. Matt Christian of Elite Golf was able to train John in the specifics of golf swing biomechanics and optimal fitness training to maximize swing efficiency. The importance of John's teaching is that the communication is simple and effective. The emphasis of the instruction is to teach the student to let the body swing the club, rather than the club swinging the body. Students will leave their lessons with a clear idea of how to improve their swings, flexibility, and overall body coordination.

John now works as the Head Golf Professional at The Buckhorn Golf Course and is focusing on providing an outstanding golf experience, introducing new golfers to the game and growing the junior golf population.

Brianna Ventura, Assistant Golf Professional

Brianna grew up in San Antonio, Texas where she started playing the game of golf at age 11. She played High School Golf at Highlands High School, and worked outside operations at The Pecan Valley Golf Club. Brianna attended the University of Incarnate Word on a golf scholarship, where she received her BBA. Brianna was the inaugural graduate of the University of Incarnate Word Professional Golf Management Program.

Michael Alt, Assistant Golf Professional

Born in Fort Worth, Texas, Michael Alt was raised in the beautiful hill country town of Comfort, after which he attended Howard Payne University and UTSA. Mike picked up the game of golf during his years of playing collegiate baseball and eventually found himself working in the golf industry, developing a true passion and love for the sport. After five years of working at Fair Oaks Ranch Country Club where Mike began as cart staff but worked his way up to the positions of both Assistant Golf and Teaching Professional, Mike readily took advantage of an opportunity to work in his hometown at The Buckhorn Golf Course.

How Do You Participate?

Join The Buckhorns's Men's Golf Association or Women's Golf Association! These associations have been developed to encourage you to work on your game, meet new golfers, receive affordable golf lessons, and enjoy the camaraderie of friendly competition all adding up to enjoying golf more! The association memberships include:

  • USGA Handicap Service - you have to have a handicap to play in most tournaments and getting a handicap is one of the best ways to track your improvement!
  • $20 Individual 30-minute lessons - providing you affordable instruction from qualified instructors is the driving force behind our Play Better Golf program.  One-on-one teaching allows you to focus on what you need to do in order to play better.
  • Designated Weekly and Evening Association Group Play Dates with Hospitality and Prizes - a chance to take what you've learned to the course and enjoy a some friendly competition as a team.  Add a nice food & beverage special after play along with prizes and you've got yourself a fun evening enjoying golf!
  • 10% off Non-Sale Golf Shop Merchandise or Special Order Merchandise - once you start playing better you'll probably want to dress the part!  Look good and swing away!!
  • Free Junior Clinics for Kids on Saturday Afternoons - all sports are easier to learn when you're young, and starting your little golfer with the right grip, stance and swing is the best foundation they can have.  And, it gives you time to work on your swing while they're learning theirs!
  • Free Green Fee When You Refer A New Member - have a friend that keeps threatening to learn to play?  Now's the chance to help them start on the right foot and get a little benefit yourself!

The Annual Association Fee is only $49.99

That's about the price of one lesson from your "usual" golf instructor. Once you've signed-up you'll then be presented a MGA or WGA Membership Card and are well on your way to playing better golf! Fill out the form on the right to get started today!

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What Our Golf Instruction Clients Are Raving About...

From Thomas Taylor:  
I started working with Foresight Golf last year to improve my game and lower my scores. I had started playing individual golf tournaments and my goals were to be more consistent and lower my handicap.  They changed my approach to the game and given me more confidence and consistent results when it counts.  After I began the program, I had one win and 3 other Top 3 finishes.  More importantly my handicap went from a 12 to a 6 in less than 5 months. I can't say enough about the admiration and respect I have for the program and passion to share their knowledge of the game of golf. Thank you for offering this exceptional program! It's given me a renewed excitement about taking my game to the next level, The Foresight Golf Way.

From Gilbert Charles: 
Since the time I have been getting golf instruction under Foresight's Play Better Golf program, I've been able to make significant changes in my golf game. I would like to thank Foresight Golf for implementing this program as it has made a significant difference in my approach to the game of golf. I do not know how many emails you have received about the program but as I played a round of golf the other day, I could overhear other golfers discuss the positive changes this same program had made in their golf game! Thank you for Play Better Golf the Foresight Golf Way.

From Vincent Briseno: 
I would like to take this opportunity to thank Foresight Golf and everyone who runs the 'Play Better Golf' program. They are helping me build a repeatable swing I can take from the driving range to the golf course. The quality of instruction is what I would expect at a country club and for a fraction of the price. As an added bonus they've introduced my daughter to the game and she looks forward to the free junior clinics for kids on Saturdays. If you are a beginner trying to learn the game or a single digit handicapper looking to shoot par, the 'Play Better Golf' program will help you achieve your goals and enjoy the game even more.

From Ernest Casanova: 
I cannot begin to tell you the renewed energy I have after spending 20 minutes with my Play Better Golf Instructor. What a wonderful teacher, person and program. I had never taken a lesson due to the thought that I had seen many individuals take lessons from other instructors and the teachings were all over the place leaving me to think that I was better off by teaching myself. That has all changed. I have surrendered my approach to this program & its concepts due to the fundamental approach to the swing. I was a high 70's player and now with this instruction, I am primed and have the confidence to see myself playing in the 60's. I have recommended him to ALL of my friends, knowing that he can help ANYONE that plays the game. Foresight has made it so simple to understand and the cost of this program is the second best part of all of this. I can't tell you enough about my renewed love for the game.

From Dale Wiese: 
Several weeks ago I was at the range hitting golf balls when I approached one of the professionals to inquire about golf lessons. I had a horrible shank over the past 10 years and had taken lessons from two different PGA golf instructors with minimal success. I figured since the first lesson was free I had nothing to lose. I have had several lessons now and for the most part my shank is gone. I continually go back so I can keep refining my game. My instructor certainly knows the golf swing but more important he knows how to instruct the student. He thoroughly enjoys his job and he cares. The overall approach that both he and Foresight Golf have (paying an initial fee of $50 and the $10 for every lesson thereafter) is not only great for the golfer trying to improve his game but its smart golf business. Better golfers will play more, play faster, and the golf industry is sustained.

From Dr. Kerry Ragbir: 
I've been participating in the program over the last 3 months. I have been golfing for 4 years and this is the first time I have really understood my swing, and more importantly, the proper fundamentals of the golf swing. My scores have come down from the high 90's to the low 80's in 3 months! That is a full 10 to 15 shot reduction, the results are phenomenal. The true benefit is the control. Even without the scores and the distance improvements, the consistency and control I have is incredible. No other coach has had these results, and I believe what makes the difference is not only the new knowledge and methods, but also the communication. I'm not overwhelmed with the complexity, science, or physics of the swing when my instructor explains. This is what differentiates this program and my instructor from other coaches. He has a gift in being able to communicate through verbal language and more importantly body language, to connect the "words" with the "feel". I will continue to take lessons from this program as much as possible in achieving my goal of being a par golfer. I feel blessed to learn from Foresight's Play Better Golf program, and I highly recommend this program to anyone who wants to begin or develop a mastery of golf.