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The Buckhorn

Awesome Golf Games You Can Play During Your Next Round

golf games on golf course in comfort tx
Looking for a way to spice up your golf outing? Here are several fun and popular games you can play to make that next round more competitive and fun with your best-golfing buddies. Two Person Scramble  This is a great team game, particularly if you're new to the game! Two players make a team. Each player tees off. The best ball of the two is s...
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The Buckhorn

Playing at a Slow Pace Can Get in the Way of Fun Golf

slow place golf in comfort tx
How to Play at a Good Pace  Golf is a great social opportunity! Getting paired with another player or group can be fun and a way to meet new people who also enjoy golf. Many times, we hear new golfers say they don't want to play with new people because they don't think they're good enough. Although it may feel this way if you are new to the ga...
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The Buckhorn

How the Right Golf Ball Helped Me Lower My Score

golf balls at golf course in comfort tx
Are you using the right ball?  Looking for an easy way to lower your score? Start by looking at the type of golf ball you're playing. Did you know up to 70% of golfers use the wrong type of golf ball for their style of play? Here are a few ways of finding the right ball for you. There are a variety of different golf balls, each intended to imp...
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